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Beautiful Dreamer Poster Peel

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beautiful dreamer

about this piece 

I have ALWAYS been a huge fan of vintage paint by number paintings – I find them fascinating! And recently, I have began to really enjoy the fun juxtaposition of adding modern calligraphy with these old paintings. The background photo is of a real vintage paint by number – the perfect serene setting to promote blissful dreams for little and big dreamers alike!

Note!: We think this is an awesome and safe solution for above cribs! However, please note that if you have a grabby little person, they will be able to peel this poster off the wall just as easily as you put it up! We recommend putting super tiny nails in the corners, flush to the wall if the poster is within grabbing range. (Staple gun would work, too!)

about LL wall peel posters

• Wall Peel is made of removable, reusable and repositionable poly/paper fabric with adhesive liner
• Shipped rolled in a kraft paper tube
• Weight: 240 gsm
• Thickness: 6 mil
• Finish: Textured Matte
• Lettering ©Lindsay Sherbondy.
    More about the Wall Peel material:
    This awesome cloth-like material sticks to any non-porous flat surface and removes easily with no residue. In fact, the special adhesive we use is removable, reusable, and repositionable. It does not remove paint from a primed wall, is safe to apply over wallpaper, applies without wrinkles, and does not rip! 
    Q: Will it stick to my wall?
    A: Outside of plain brick, the only surface that we have seen work against the adhesive is the combination of Eggshell Paint on a Textured Surface. (Eggshell paint is mainly used in the kitchen and has intentional additives that allow it to be cleaned with detergents like 409, Fantastic, Soft Scrub, etc). Our material has the ability to stick to this paint; however, when the paint is on a textured surface, then only half the adhesive is touching the actual surface. In some cases, this type of surface combined with eggshell paint’s additives can make it difficult for the material to work. If you experience trouble with the sticking, we will exchange your poster peel for store credit.


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