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Tools of the Trade!

for your convenience, here are some of my favorite tools to create or use along side LL products!
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• Visa Vis WET erase markers are my favorite for writing on the Creatives Calendars' plexiglass. They show up really vibrant, and wipe away with a damp cloth.
• For kids writing on calendars, or for events that you're just "penciling in," I would stick with the Expo dry erase markers for easy erasing.
• The Expo Window Markers are my new favorite find. They have a ice-creaminess to them, and you don't need to shake them first!

yearly calendar

• For plans subject to change, just pencil them in and use a white rubber eraser for easy removal.
• For plans sure to say, Le Pens have always been my favorite! The fragile point has a short shelf life (in my perfectionist opinion), so grab a few extra black if you're going to be using it on the daily.


• Couldn't live without my Cosi cap & charger connector (they come together) for my Apple Pencil
• This Mophie case keeps my phone charged all day! They are really heavy, so it will drop easily (I use a Pop-Socket) but on days like Photoshoot or Pop-up days, this is a must have


• Everyone asks me what types of paints I use! It's all over the board, but for watercoloring, this little palette always does the trick for me!

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