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Hey you! Check out our new clearance goodies and $10 prints!

No. 148, Home Crazy Home Print

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In 1779 John Newton wrote these words, and they couldn't be more true today. Grace. My favorite thing in the entire world. I've wanted to create this piece for so long, and I'm excited to finally share it with all of you! - See more at: http://lindsayletters.com/collections/canvas/products/amazing-grace-canvas-with-laurel#sthash.QAF5svUh.dpuf

messes and kisses and lots and lots of dishes
home crazy home

about this piece

The story about this print is that I showed my best friend the Home Sweet Home Print, and she mused that the print wasn't necessarily relevant to our current life-stages. We laughed as we text each other back and fourth about what this print might say to describe our beautiful messes, and this is where we landed. Whether you're in a sweet home season or a crazy home season, it's home none-the-less, and THAT is something to be celebrated!

You can take your pick of black foil or gold foil on Pearl Lettra – my most favorite paper ever. Black foil was the natural choice for this print, but I really love the sort of weirdness of a print about a sink full of dishes, being printed in elegant gold!

→ tip! we think this would make an excellent wedding or housewarming gift!


  • 8 x 10 Art Print
  • Your choice of black or gold foil on 110 lb. Pearl Lettra

  • Printed locally and lovingly on an antique press
  • Packaged with chipboard in glassine sleeve with gold seal

  • Artwork & phrase ©Lindsay Sherbondy

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