Present Over Perfect {Holiday Downloads!}


"Exactly five years ago—the week before Christmas 2011–I found myself anxious, frantic, frustrated at what wasn’t done, wasn’t bought, wasn’t wrapped, wasn’t happening. The house was a wreck. I had a newborn and a five year old, and also so many expectations for what Christmas had to be. In one very clear moment, I realized that I was very much in danger of missing it all, in a haze of lists and anxiety and stress, and I had a choice to make: I could force things to be perfect, or I could settle down right in both the mess and the beauty and choose to be present. The idea of present over perfect—not a book, not a title, just a phrase for me to focus my heart on—was born in that moment, and that idea continues to guide my choices, especially when the voices of hustle and performance seem so loud. I can be here, or I can miss it, hustling for perfection. I’m choosing to be here, choosing to be present, and that’s my invitation to you this beautiful and challenging season." - shauna niequist, Present Over Perfect

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